Promotional Modeling - How to Make Money Promoting Beverages

Miller Girls with Laker Girls

Promotional modeling is one of the best ways you can make money, travel and meet exciting people while promoting fun products.

So What Is Promotional Modeling?

Promotional modeling is a form of live marketing where an attractive person is hired by a company to promote the benefits of their product.

Lets take for example becoming a promotional model for Miller Lite.

When you are hired to become a promotional model for a beverage brand such as Miller Lite, your job is to promote the benefits and attributes of Miller Lite Beer.

Benefits of Promoting a Beverage:

If you love meeting new people, being the center of attention and talking about a fun product, then you are going to love promoting beverages.

Promoting beverages is not like promoting Cookies, you are promoting a product at exciting events and allows you to be your fun self.

Beverage companies market their brands in a fun and entertaining way. They are trying to create a lifestyle that people want to be a part of.

Most beer and liquor companies promote a party lifestyle for their male consumers.

Most of the promotions are in bars, concerts and sporting events which means you get paid to have fun.

Beverage companies understand that they are competing with hundreds of other brands and in order to get guys to try and like their brands, they have to market their brands in a way that appeals to guys.

We all know that guys love hot girls, so in order to get a guy to like a new energy drink or beer, these companies hire attractive girls to grab their attention.

When I talk about being the center of attention, You are being paid to look sexy as hell in order to grab the attention of these young guys.

What jobs do you know of that will pay you to look sexy and get guys to pay attention to you?

If you love to party, flirt and meet new people, then you are going to make a lot of money promoting beverages.

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