Beverage Promotions That Will Boost Beverage Sales and Distribution

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Developing Beverage Promotions that will build brand awareness, increase trial and boost sales is critical to launching a successful beverage.

Beverage Promotions are designed to excite and entertain your target audience so you can make them want to purchase your beverage.

The ultimate goal of your promotion is to attract attention to your new beverage brand and get consumers to try it and purchase it.

There are multiple types of promotions you can execute, it just depends on what your promotional objectives are.

3 basic beverage promotional objectives are:

• Informing your targeted consumer about your beverage

• Persuading your consumer to try and purchase your beverage

• Reminding your consumer why they love your beverage

On-Premise Beverage Promotions

If you want to Boost your beverage sales in an On-Premise account, you can use promotional models to entertain the crowd while you are running a drink special.

All beverage promotions must be entertaining and captivating in order to be effective.

On-Premise Promotions cannot come off as a hard sell but a time to entertain and pleasure your targeted audience.

After you have entertained your audience, then you will want to sneak in your offer as they are having a great time.

Bring pleasure by creating a positive atmosphere around your brand and induce a warm and relaxed feeling.

You want your brand to represent pleasure and fun.

Use attractive promotional models to burn your brands message deep on your consumers mind.

You are creating a lifestyle that your consumer craves and desires. Your promotions must put consumers in a great mood and not irritate them.

The objective is to get consumers to love your brand...

Give them an experience they won't forget.

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Sexy Brazilian Miller Lite Girl Riding Mechanical Bull

Optimize Your Promotions by Preselling it...

Why would you invest in an event or sampling promotion and not promote it in advance so you have a larger audience to interact with?

The on-premise account will really appreciate you bringing them more business and you will get more value out of your promotional event by letting people know about it in Advance.

Your main objective of pre-selling your event in advance is to get consumers excited about your event.

Basically, You must Promote your Promotions...

Off Premise In-Store Promotions

All the same rules apply when doing a promotion in an off premise account as far as entertaining the customers.

You can do a variety of promotions in an off-premise account such as samplings, offering coupons, contest and product giveaways.

If you are doing a promotion in an account your objective should be to get the consumer to purchase your product while they are in the account.

If you are using promotional models to get consumer to try your beverage, the goal for the girls are to inform the consumer about your brands benefits and have them purchase your product.

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Special Event Promotions

If you are promoting your beverage at a special event there are a variety of promotions you can do.

The promotions you conduct should have the goal of selling product if you have product on hand such as at a football game or concert.

If you are trying to build brand awareness and not trying to sell product directly to the consumer then you could have a team of girls sample your beverage or they could just walk around and hand out promotional items.

It is very important to collect consumer data when you are sampling at any event in order for you to build a relationship with the consumer you interacted with.

Coors Light Maxim Model Search

Coors Light Spokesmodel for Maxim Magazine

Coors Light conducted a Maxim Model Search in New York and that turned out to be one of the best promotions Coors Light has ever put on.

It allowed consumers to interact with the brand by having girls take photos and allowing lucky guys to judge who should become the next Coors light maxim girl.

We promoted the event weeks ahead of time just to create some buzz and get people excited about showing up.

Girls were enjoying themselves and guys could not get enough of seeing the girls go wild.

There were girls doing some girls gone wild type of things. I did not want it to get out of control but it was such a great bar promotion because it was spontaneous and entertaining.

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