Amp Energy Girls Get Paid To Promote Amp Energy Drink

Mountain Dew Amp Energy Drink Girls

Amp Energy Girls are sexy girls that are able to grab the attention of Mountain Dew Amp consumers.

They are paid to promote the attributes of mountain dew amp and sample the product to targeted consumers.

Mountain Dew Amp is working on a campaign that will allow millions of samples to be handed out over the summer. They are going to be hiring attractive promotional models that will educate consumers about the great taste of Mountain Dew Amp.

I was apart of the Mountain Dew Launch Team in 2001 and I am happy to see that they are finally starting to use attractive promotional models to spread the word about Mountain Dew Amp to their targeted consumers.

Mountain Dew Amp Energy Promotional Models

Amp Girls need to be spunky and fun just like the energy drink. Mountain dew is a well established brand that has been know to provide energy. Mountain Dew has always been a huge sponsor of extreme sports.

Amp Energy Models will not dress as seductive as Monster Energy Drink Girls or Rockstar Energy Drink Girls. Maybe this will change since Mountain dew amp is getting their butts handed to them by these brands.

Become a Mountain Dew Amp Energy Girl

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