Marketing Beverages: Tips to Boost your Beverage Sales and Distribution

Marketing beer by having a display full of POS

Getting your new beverage into retail accounts and selling as fast as you had dreamed of is only possible with the right marketing strategies.

Just because you finally got your beverage in a major retail store doesn't mean consumers are going to purchase it.

Your new beverage is the new kid in the store and has thousands of products to compete with and I mean products that have huge marketing budgets and loyal consumers.

So how are you going to compete with all these products and persuade consumers to try your new beverage?

Lucky for you, I have spent years developing creative marketing strategies for some of the largest beverage brands.

Marketing 101 - How To Build Awareness For Your Beverage

In order to get consumers to purchase your beverage, they need to be aware of your beverage and motivated or curious enough to try it.

Getting consumers to pay attention to your new beverage can be a daunting task especially when they are used to purchasing a certain beverage or have hundreds of choices to choose from.

One of the best ways to get consumers to notice your brand is obviously your packaging, but if you really want to grab their attention, you need to build a floor display and have a model stand next to it.

Budlight Display and Budlight Model

Getting Their Attention Is Only Half The Battle

Now that you are lucky enough to grab their attention, you need to instantly create a desire for them to want to purchase your product.

Special Pricing is a great way to motivate a consumer to purchase your product, but you can't rely on pricing alone because you will be competing with other products with similar pricing.

In order to build your brand and motivate consumers to try it, you have to be able to resonate with them.

Once you know everything about your targeted consumer, you will be able to create a brand message that resonates with them.

Once you have developed the "right message" for a specific consumer, you now have to deliver that message in a way that will stick to their brains and influence them to purchase your product.

"Are You Not Entertained?"

If you want to get a consumer to evaluate and learn more about your brand, you have to deliver your brands message in an entertaining way.

Brands such as Coors Light and Red Bull understand their targeted consumers really well. They understand that in order to get a consumer to like their brands, they have to market to their passions.

If your targeted consumers are passionate about sexy girls, cars and extreme sports, then you need to affiliate your brand with their passions if you want them to like your brand.

Creating A Brand Lifestyle

Once you are able to determine your consumers passions, now you have to find ways to associate your brand with their passions.

You can sponsor events that your consumers love to attend, you can sample your product at various events. If you understand that males consumers love sexy girls, then you need to have hot models promoting your brand.

Getting consumers to fall in love with your brand is the same way you would get people to like you, you have to find similarities with them.

How To Create Demand For Your Beverage

There are so many beverages that a lot of people don't think taste that great, but they are the best selling product in their category because they created a strong bond with their consumers.

Red Bull, Rockstar, Miller Lite and other billion dollar brands all have a unique lifestyle associated with their brands.

Every Brand should have a unique personality and a compelling story that consumers find meaningful and want to be apart of.

In order to differentiate your product from a similar product, you have to create a personality for your brand.

Delivering Your Brands Message

Once you have a clear message targeted to your consumers passions, now you have to deliver that message.

Ways to promote your brands message:

• You can write a press release about your new beverage and drive traffic to your website.

• You can hire a PR firm that will get your new beverage on T.V. or in magazines.

• You can sponsor events, parties and model searches

• You can advertise your beverage in a magazine or online

• You can promote your brand on radio stations or in the clubs

• You can hire an attractive promotional team and sample your beverage at various events...but the samplings have to be entertaining

Sexy Promotional Models selling energy drinks

How To Use Social Media To Build Your Brand

• You can start blogging about your new beverage.

• You can market your new beverage through social media websites such as Facebook, Google Plus, Instagram and Twitter

• You can use influential people to speak about your brand

As you can see there are many ways that you can build the awareness of your new product and communicate effectively with your targeted consumers.

Marketing Plan To Support Your Distributors and Retailers

In order to have a successful product in the market, you have to offer marketing support for the distributor and retailer.

Even though you have built brand awareness and loyalty using various marketing strategies, you still have to motivate consumers to purchase your product at the point of purchase.

Marketing Materials and Promotional Items/Programs

• Shelf talkers

• Hang tags

• Displays

• Banners

• Promotional Videos

• Product Demos

In-Store Promotions, such as loyalty programs, price specials, contest and cross merchandising programs will motivate consumers to purchase your product.

Motivate Retailers and Distributors To Promote Your Beverage:

Now that you have created great marketing POS and programs to boost sales for the distributors and retailers, you have to motivate them to execute your marketing program.

• You can offer the distributor reps an incentive for selling your new beverage.

• You can offer promotional money to support the distributor to promote your new beverage through their retail accounts.

• You can support the distributor by offering great Point of Sale material that will help sell your new beverage.

• You can supply the distributor with a team of attractive promotional models to sample your product at retail or special events.

 Group of Sexy Miller lite topless painted models

Having a multi-million dollar marketing budget doesn't guarantee that consumers are going to purchase your beverage.

Knowing how to create an effective marketing plan and executing it correctly will guarantee that consumers will purchase your beverage.

If you are interested in learning more ways to boost your sales by using creative marketing strategies that I developed and executed with major beverage brands, then contact me.

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