Boost your Energy Drink Sales and Distribution

If you are a manufacturer of a new energy drink, you have entered an extremely competitive industry.

How are you going to differentiate your energy drink from among all the other energy drinks in the cooler?

How are you going to convince a distributor to carry your product and how are they going to convince a retailer to purchase and promote your energy drink?

You can have the best tasting energy drink and the greatest package ever, but that does not help your bottom line if nobody knows about your energy drink.

Energy Drink Cooler Door at C-Store

Marketing Your Energy Drink
There are many marketing strategies that you can use to get a distributor, retailer and the end consumer to purchase your energy drink.

Building awareness of your new energy drink is the first step.

You have to let your consumers know about your energy drink, then you have to get them to taste it.

You can generate buzz using PR.

You can develop social media programs to engage with your consumers.

You can have your energy drink endorsed by a celebrity.

Developing your brands message and associating it to things your consumers are passionate about will help you differentiate your energy drink from all the others on the market.

Your number one goal after you have been able to get your energy drink picked up by a distributor and retailer is to get consumers to try and purchase your product.

Getting your targeted consumers attention is getting tougher and tougher as more and more products flood the market.

You have to get consumers to try your energy drink and to purchase it again and again.

Getting consumers to try your new energy drink over some of the major brands on the shelf, is going to be a huge challenge especially with the deep price discounts these brands are offering.

You need to get creative and give consumers a reason to try your beverage.

The best way to do this is to use beautiful attention grabbing promotional models to boost the image of your brand and get consumers to try it.

As you and I both know, it is hard to turn down an attractive female. Imagine having more than 3 attractive females persuading you to try their energy drink. Now that's SELLING.

Sexy Rockstar Energy Drink Models

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