Beverage Wholesalers - How To Sell Your Product Using Broad Line Distributors

Selling a new beverage to retailers and major distributors can be an extremely difficult task, especially if you are not financially able to support them.

There are hundreds of new beverages that come out yearly and most of these beverages will not get the opportunity to see a retailers shelf.

Small Beverage Manufacturers that are finding it difficult to sell their innovative beverage to major beverage distributors are looking for alternative ways to sell their beverages.

Major Retailers do not want to take the chance of purchasing a new beverage that does not have any sales data. You might be wondering, how do I get sales data when I can not get my product on a retailers shelf?

You have to get creative and sell your product using broad line wholesalers.


Broad Line Wholesalers and Distributors

Broad Line Wholesalers and Distributors such as McLanes and UNFI carry a multiple range of products such as general merchandise, snacks and beverages.

McLanes is a very large distributor that mainly focuses on convenience stores such as 7-eleven and local independent mom and pop stores.

They will purchase your product from you and then sell it directly to the convenient stores. They are not considered DSD distributors because they don't merchandise your product.

They will deliver the product to the retailer and just drop it off.

It is up to the retailer or yourself to properly market and merchandise your product.

This type of distributor will typically want to make at least a 30% margin on your product.

The problem with some beverage wholesalers such as Mclanes is that they are not great at selling a new product.

They focus on delivering your product to accounts that you have personally secured or they will market your product to their accounts using various marketing services.

A beer distributor rep will go into the store and personally sell your product to the retailer.

Some large beverage distributors will require you to sell your beverage to their accounts and they will deliver your beverage once accepted by the retailer.

Most Convenience Store Chains will not purchase your beverage directly from you. They will want you to use their distributor of choice.

For example, if 7-Eleven wanted your product they would have you sell it to Mclanes.

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