Budweiser Girls Boost the Sales of Budweiser Beer

Bud Camp 2008

Budweiser Girls are Fearless, Attractive and Love Promoting Budweiser Beer..

Budweiser hires attractive females over the age of 21 to promote the lifestyle and benefits of Budweiser beer.

Bud girls promote Budweiser at special events such as car-shows, concerts, local hot bars basically anywhere young guys are having a great time.

Bud Girls greet consumers with promotional items and try to get them to learn more about the great taste of Budweiser and how it should be their beer of choice.

Becoming a Beer Girl is Simply Fun as Hell...

Bud Camp Counselors Bud Camp Counselors

Benefits of Promoting Budweiser Beer

Bud Girls are the Center of Attention. You are working for a beer giant that almost everyone has heard of. I won't forget to mention all the parties you get to go to.

You get to promote at special events such as football tailgating parties, major sports bars, concerts and every where else that serves beer.

You get to hand out some really cool bud gear. Take pictures with fans and make some great money.

If you love making money, socializing with fun people, promoting a product that you love, then you have to become a beer girl.

How to Become a Budweiser Girl

You need to be over the age of 21.

You have to be attractive. You know if you are attractive if you get compliments from other people that are not family members.

You have to be able to communicate the benefits and history of Budweiser beer.

You can apply to become a Budweiser girl by either signing up with your local Budweiser distributor or with the promotional agency that hires bud girls in your area...

Bud Camp 2008

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