Bud Light Girls - How to Become a Bud Light Girl

Bud Light Girls promote the fun lifestyle of bud light beer.

They get to promote bud light in fun environments such as bars, concerts, sporting events, pool parties and any place you can imagine people having a great time.

Becoming a bud light girl is not only fun, sexy and admirable, bud light girls get paid really good.

Bud Light Models Get Paid To Party

Bud Light Girls make a minimum of $25 per hour depending on where they live.

Bud Light is all about having a great time with your friends and celebrating moments and the best way to communicate that message is by using a bunch of hot girls that know how to entertain guys.

Bud Light spends millions of dollars on humorous commercials to entertain beer drinkers.

Bud light girls not only add to that entertainment, but they provide the "Ultimate Beer Drinking Experience"

Bud Light Girls

So what does it take to become a bud light girl?

You must be 21 and older and hot enough to make a guy stop watching a football game and listen to you.

You have to be able to communicate effectively...basically get guys to do what you want.

You have to be outgoing, love to be the center of attention and most importantly...make people have a great time.

Becoming a Bud Light Girl

There are hundreds of Bud Light Distributors around the world waiting for you to help boost the sales of bud light.

You need to know how to get in contact with the Bud Light Distributor in your area or the agency that hires models for the Budlight distributor.

Most bud light girls might not tell you how to get started because they don't want you competing with them.

If you are really interested in becoming a Bud Light Girl and need help, then...

Click Here To Become a Bud Light Girl

Bud Light Girls

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