Becoming a Model: Tips and Secrets for Aspiring Models

Becoming a Model is all about having a look that appeals to a paying client that needs you to help them sell more of their product.

You can represent their product through various forms. You can get paid by doing Print work (catalog, magazine, website). You can sell or promote their product directly to consumers as a promotional model or Spokes model.

You can make a lot of money becoming a model for various beverage products because beverages are a lifestyle product that relies on marketing to boost sales.

Beverages have to compete getting consumers attention and attractive models get the job done.

Sexy Beverage Model Ashley Green

Victoria Secrets Models get paid to represent Victoria Secrets product through all the forms above including wearing the clothing on the runway. They are selling the product to fashion buyers and fashion editors that will write about the items they are wearing.

Monster Energy Drink Girls get paid to hand out samples and promote the fun lifestyle and message of monster energy drinks. They convince consumer to try and purchase monster beverages.

Companies would not hire models to represent or promote their products if they could not sell more product.

Playboy and Maxim Models get paid because men purchase the magazines to look at the hot girls. The models are the reason these companies are able to sell millions of magazines. Part of the millions of dollars they make from selling magazines is what is used to pay the models.

Modeling is a business and your job as a model is to sell more product for the client that has hired you.

Pay attention to the following videos as they explain and expose the truth about becoming a model.

Do not get discouraged as I have the answer to help you make money as a working beverage model.

Becoming a Model Tips

Becoming a model that makes great money is not easy as there are millions of girls that want to become a model.

Becoming a model in the fashion industry is extremely difficult just because of the height requirements.

You do not have to be a certain height to do beverage promotions or represent a beverage product via commercials or print advertising.

Fashion models have to be a certain height and size due to the clothing they have to wear. Also, a taller model stands out more than a shorter model. Taller women obtain more attention than a smaller women unless you are a dwarf.

Did you know that you appear smaller when someone has to look up to you? That is really the main reason why runway models need to be at minimum 5'8.

Skyy Blue Vodka Beverage Model Poster

Skyy Vodka Beverage Model

Becoming a Model Summary

Becoming a model is the dream for millions of girls and only a hand full will ever get to really live out their dreams.

You learned that you do not have to spend a bunch of money on scams to get into modeling. It's important to have an agent but not a must. If you are good at promoting yourself and do not want to rely on someone, then becoming a freelance model will be a good choice for you.

If you are able to get work on your own, you will be able to get a bunch of agencies wanting to represent you and they will be able to get you more work.

Boost Sales and Marketing, LLC specializes in helping Beverage companies sell more of their beverages. Just like advertising agencies help their clients sell more product through advertising, Boost does it by using attractive female models.

I wanted to share these videos with you so that you understand what beverage modeling is really about and that you approach it as a business person.

The only way to make your dreams come true is to learn as much about the modeling industry as you can and develop the skills necessary to accomplish your goals.

If you want to become a beverage model, then you should not fear rejection but pursue as many opportunities as possible.

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