Heineken Girls Boost the Sales of Heineken Beer

Becoming a Heineken Girl is a privilege because Heineken girls get to promote at events Heineken sponsors and Heineken sponsors some very hot events.

Heineken Girls have to be over the age of 21 and understand the benefits and attributes of Heineken.

Your objective is to communicate and promote the Heineken Experience to male consumers.

Heineken Promotional Models

Becoming a Heineken Beer Girl

Heineken USA uses various marketing agencies to promote their beer at various events and bars in your area.

Heineken pays attractive promotional models to gain the attention of their targeted male consumers over the age of 21 to 29.

You are the extension of their advertising campaign...

If you want to promote Heineken, You need to get in contact with the agency that conducts the Heineken Promotions.

Heineken Beer Girls

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