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Paul Gage working as Coors Beer Representative - become a beer rep

A Beer Sales Representative is an important member of a beer manufacturers business. They are the soldiers on the ground that Boost Beer Sales.

Selling Beer is by far one of the most amazing jobs that any person can have.

When I worked for Coors Brewing Company and Miller Brewing Company, I couldn't imagine having a better job.

I had the time of my life selling beer, meeting new people and hanging out with beautiful models.

There are so many benefits that come with being a beer rep. For beginners, you get to drink all the beer you want for free while have the time of your life.

Not many guys get the opportunity to sell beer so you are going to be the man everyone wants to hang out with because you get to party at all special events your brand sponsors.

I couldn't believe all the cool places that I got to travel to for beer conferences and training such as Las Vegas, The Hamptons, San Diego and Orlando...and when I say conferences, I mean a vacation that college spring break couldn't touch.

If you love selling a product that other people love and working in an environment that makes you feel free and excited, then you need to become a beer sales rep.

Beer Sales Representative Have Too Much Fun Selling Beer

You are going to have the time of your life working for any beer company because of all the events you get to be apart of.

I personally loved working for Coors Brewing Company and Miller Brewing Company. The benefits were amazing. There were times that I thought I should not get paid for having such a great time.

Could you imagine being paid to pick up the Coors Light Twins at the airport and going to various bars and concerts?

The parties that I went to were unbelievable.

I hired and partied with hundreds of Miller lite girls and thousands of other beer and energy drink models.

Can you imagine setting up model searches and taking photos of thousands of aspiring models. That's exactly what I had to do during our Coors Light Maxim Girl Search Campaign in NY.

If you love being around cool people and beautiful women, then you need to become a beer sales rep or any other type of beverage rep because selling a beverage is all about having fun.

Paul Gage working as Miller Lite Beer Rep with Miller Lite Body Painted Girls

Roles and Responsibilities of a Beer Sales Representative

Beer Sales Reps have a very rewarding job that most people will never fully understand.

Beer sales reps are responsible for selling more than just beer, they also sell non-alcohol related beverages such as water and energy drinks.

Major Beer Distributors such as Miller-Coors distributors have over 250 sku's and some get up into the thousands.

So a beer rep that works for a beer distributor has to be organized and able to focus on all the products they are selling.

They are responsible for selling their products to various off-premise and on-premise accounts.

Beer reps that work for the distributor are responsible for taking and placing orders for their assigned accounts.

The main responsibility a beer rep has is building a strong relationship with their accounts.

Becoming a Beer Sales Representative

Beer jobs are not that easy to find or get because every guy in their right mind wants to become a beer rep.

Beer companies are looking for guys that know how to Sell and Market a product. They want people that have a passion for the beer business. There is no other industry in the world as passionate about their products like the beverage industry.

You have to be a competitive person and love to win. You are on the street and in bars fighting for shelf space and tap handles.

Your face will light up with pride when you walk into a bar and see a group of people drinking your beer. It is a wonderful feeling knowing that you work for a company that provides so much enjoyment to millions of consumers.

Paul Gage at Coors Brewery in Golden, Colorado...

Paul Gage at Coors Brewery next to the large beer kettle

A great way to get started in the beer business is either by working for a beer distributor or working for a marketing agency that conducts promotions for beer companies.

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