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Red Bull Girls Promoting Red Bull Energy Drink

Becoming a Red Bull Girl is a dream job for thousands of girls because it's an amazing opportunity to meet new friends, make money and have fun.

Red Bull Girls are more than just a pretty face, they have the skills it takes to entertain people and get them to drink redbull.

Most people drink redbull to stay awake at their boring jobs, but working for redbull will give you energy all day, everyday.

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Red Bull Promotional Jobs are one of the best jobs you can have especially if you are in school.

If you are in college and want to have the time of your life and make some easy money, then promoting redbull at parties, concerts and various events around campus is going to be perfect for you.

Can you imagine getting paid to party, meet new friends and make people have fun?

Red Bull Girl Requirements

Becoming a Red Bull girl requires you to communicate the benefits of drinking red bull over the competitors product such as Monster Energy Drink and Rockstar Energy Drink.

You have to be able to quickly tell someone why they should drink Red Bull and how it's going to benefit them.

Red Bull Girls must be over the age of 18, must be outgoing and love to have fun.

The perfect Red Bull Girl is the girl that everyone loves to be around.

Red Bull Girls love going up to complete strangers and getting them to try red bull.

Red Bull Girl Benefits

Redbull girls are a close knit group of girls that get paid to have fun. There could be no better job in college that gives you the flexibility to work and have fun at the same time.

When you become a redbull girl, you get to give away free Red Bull Energy Drinks, go to cool events, become the center of attention and watch people admire you.

You Actually Get Paid To Drive Around In A Mini Cooper...

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Red Bull Wiiings Team Promoting in Hermosa Beach,CA

Red Bull Girls Promoting Red bull in Hermosa beach

Red Bull Girls Getting Their Bodies Painted

Living it up as a Red Bull girl

By: Leia Baez

The application. The interview. The training. It started like any other job, but for freshman Meleah Groenjes, going to work means having a good time and getting paid for it.

Groenjes, a public relations and advertising major, is a member of the Mobile Energy Team. But the name doesn't exactly illustrate the fun Groenjes has at work.

Groenjes is the "Red Bull girl."

Driving around in the racer, which is the Red Bull vehicle, is just one of Groenjes' duties.

"We try to be spontaneous at events and catch people who are in need of energy so they can sample our drink," Groenjes said. "We usually go to extreme sporting events because energy is obviously needed."

Groenjes' MET covers the Midwest territory, which covers about four states and gives her the opportunity to travel.

One of Groenjes' assignments was to drive to Bear Mountain, S.D., to visit a ski resort.

"We put on a pair of skis, headed down the slopes and gave out samples of Red Bull to other skiers," Groenjes said. "I love going to work."

Groenjes said the main objective of her job is to advertise and promote the Red Bull Energy Drink and make emotional connections.

"I have learned that it is about more quality that quantity," she said. "It is better to give out one drink and make a connection with a future consumer rather than to give away a lot of drinks and not get to know each individual."

But it has been more than just fun. Groenjes said she has already learned a tremendous amount of information in the four months that she has been on the MET.

"This is helping me with my people skills and given me several opportunities," she said. "I am able to experience a lot that will prepare me for the future."

Each day at work is different for Groenjes.

"We usually try to stick with a theme every night," Groenjes said. "Some nights we will go to pizza places and other nights concerts. It is always different."

If the MET knows of an event that will be more beneficial, the MET is free to do whatever they think will work out best, Groenjes said.

Also, MET shifts range from early morning to late night.

"People aren't always working 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., so we try to work for everybody," she said.

"The only downfall to my job is dipping my hands in the ice-cold water in the cooler to grab a Red Bull," Groenjes said.

Groenjes is just one of a few students who can actually say they have fun at work.

"Sometimes I don't even consider it work because the places I go are the places I would rather be anyway," Groenjes said. "I am having fun and getting paid for it."

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