Glamour Modeling - How To Become A Beverage Glamour Model

Glamour Models make great beverage promotional models and spokesmodels.

Beverage companies love hiring sexy glamour models to promote their brands.

Whereas fashion models have to be a certain weight, height and have a unique defined look, glamour models have to be drop dead gorgeous.

Glamour modeling requires girls to be curvy and use their sex appeal to grab guys attention.

The majority of beverage companies market their product to young guys.

In order to appeal to these guys, they will use hot glamour models to keep them entertained.

Beverage companies build their brand using lifestyle marketing techniques.

Beer companies such as Budlight, Miller Lite and Coors Light all want to be associated with things guys like...and that's cars, sports and sexy girls.

If you have the looks to grab guys attention, then you should consider becoming a beverage glamour model.