Wholesale Beverages - Myths about Buying Beverages Wholesale

Myth #1: EBay is the best place to sell your wholesale beverages..

EBay is the largest marketplace in the world and eBay has made thousands of Millionaires.

Did you know that there are millions of people on eBay that don’t make a dime and go broke? They forget to tell you that those same people are all trying to sell the same items. How can you make money when thousands of people are selling the same items? It is impossible.

The people that are making money on eBay either started their store early or they are selling a unique product. If you have a unique product, then that means you are not competing with anyone and you can charge whatever price you want for your item.

EBay is a great place to sell your beverages because there is not much competition. There is too much competition selling other products such as electronics, jewelry, designer clothing and computer games. It is too hard to compete with some of these other stores that have been selling these items for years.

There are other places you can sell your beverage products on instead of eBay. You can sell them on other auction sites, your own website or through classified ads.

While you won't be reaching audiences of the size that online auctions sites such as eBay provide, buyers that use these alternative mediums to purchase goods are 9 out of 10 times more likely to pay significantly more for products. Not only will your margins can be much higher, you'll also have far less competition to deal with.

Myth #2: You can find Beverage wholesale sources online.

The Internet provides easy access to a great many wholesalers these days, and it's a quick way of making initial contacts. You must look in certain places to find unique wholesalers that sell beverages.

It is not easy to go on the internet and find these sources. This is why this market is not saturated.

Try looking through trade magazines such as Closeout News and Wholesale Merchandise, to name just a few. With less people vying for stock, there's a good chance you'll find some exceedingly good prices tucked away in the corners!

Building up personal relationships with sellers is absolutely essential for getting the best priced goods. So whether you've found your supplier online or in a magazine, make a phone call, start up an email exchange, or have regular chats on MSN and get to know them.

The time you spend building a relationship will not only mean you're in a stronger position to get better prices, but, because you know your supplier, you'll be more confident that things will go smoothly when you finally do place your order.

Myth #3: I know what and where the best prices are

Everyone will agree that pricing research is important, but when it comes to doing it, they don’t.

Don’t assume you know how much a wholesale item cost without doing your research. There are sources out there that will try to make more than another source. In order to make the most money, you need to find the best sources by making them compete.

If you purchase products straight from the manufacturer, I guarantee that you will get a better deal than purchasing the same product from their distributor.

But how do you locate the manufacturer and get them to sell to you? There are certain sources and sites that manufacturers are members of and you can communicate with them and get a distribution deal.

All manufacturers are in the business of selling product. Now you will not get all of them to sell to you directly but you can get their product cheaper than buying it from a retail store that must mark up the product just to make a profit.

1. It is important that you get an idea what the average price is for the particular beverage that you want to sell. You need to know what a consumer is willing to pay for it and then you need to calculate how much you can get it for in order for you to make a profit.

2. Just because you hear an item is wholesale does not mean you are getting it a ridiculously cheap price. The more you purchase the better the price you can get on the item. It all comes down to how you negotiate with the supplier.

Nancy could be dealing with the same manufacturer as you but she could be getting a better deal on the same items because she is either purchasing more items or she worked out a different deal to get better pricing.

The internet is competitive and when you are selling a similar product, you are competing on price and the person that gets the items at the best price will win if they sell the same item at a slightly lower price.

Myth #4: Niche items can be bought from individual wholesalers.

Finding a niche item (such as energy shots) that no-one else is supplying at a competitive rate is every sellers dream.

However, if you think you're going to be able to find a wholesaler supplier for this particular item by doing a quick Internet search for energy shots, you could not be more wrong.

Niche products are hard to find especially if they are in high demand and there is a great profit to be made. Not many people are willing to let you know where they got their hot selling items from.

Thus, finding a beverage supplier will take quite a bit of work on your behalf as these items can usually be hard to locate. If you want to sell hot items like red bull shots or 5 hour energy, you may have to contact the manufacturer directly or get lucky and find a wholesale source that is much cheaper than Costco or Sams Club.

It may seem impossible to locate these manufacturers or try to convince them to sell you their hot items directly, but if you have done your research, you will get lucky and find these hard to find items.

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