Boost your Liquor Sales and Distribution

Selling your new beverage to liquor stores will boost your overall sales. There are thousands of liquor stores scattered throughout the US. If you have a new energy drink or any beverage that consumers want, liquor stores specialize in carrying a variety of beverages that could be mixed with their liquors.

Liquor Store Promotions

Promoting your beverage at the point of purchase is a great way to beat out your competition and boost your sales.

Having a team of Beverage Promotional models engaging with consumers before they make a decision will allow you to make more sales.

Sexy Bicardi Girls in the Pool

Sexy Bacardi Model at Dina shore showing her sexy ass

Retailer Support

Liquor store owners will appreciate the marketing support you are engaging in to boost their overall sales. You are not only building your brands awareness but you are also increasing the traffic to their store.

Sexy Bicardi Girls at Dina Shores

You can also convince a liquor store owner to carry your product based on your planned marketing support. If a retailer can see what you plan to do to drive traffic to their account, they will more than likely carry your brand over a competitors that is not driving traffic to their account.