Become a Walmart vendor and became a Millionaire!

How much money does Walmart make from you in a year? Instead of buying products from walmart you should become a walmart vendor by selling them your product. You should not be living on a budget and start living the life you dreamed of and develop a product that Wal-mart can sell to other people.

Selling your product to Wal-mart is not as hard as some people that are already in there would have you believe. Do you really think they will let you in on their secret of how they got Wal-mart to buy from them. Of course getting Wal-mart to purchase your product is not a cakewalk, but if you have a product they can make money from, they will walk you through the process.

My friend created a product that he felt was unique and that consumers really needed. He had so many people tell him how hard it would be to get his product into wal-mart that he almost gave up before even trying. I convinced him that he should call a broker and solicit them his product.

He got in contact with an ex wal-mart buyer that fell in love with his product and decided he would help get his product into wal-mart. He let him know that there is a process but with his help he could make the process seem easier than approaching wal-mart on his own.

Jim the broker got him an appointment with a Wal-mart buyer in less than a month. Joey my good friend flew to Arkansas to meet with the buyer and the broker. The broker gave him a list of things he needed so that the meeting would be a success. Joey needed to have a presentation that showed the buyer that there was demand for his product even though he never had is product in a retail store. He did have some decent online sales, but not what he could have had if he had a huge advertising budget.

Joey was extremely nervous about the meeting because he knew he did not have the financial backing to run a national advertising campaign. He was making his product in China and he knew that he could keep up with the capacity that Wal-mart would require. To his amazement, Wal-mart did not require him to have an advertising budget they just wanted his lowest price. The reason was, Joey developed a product the buyer felt his customers needed and it was very unique to his category.

Wal-mart is in the business of selling a lot of product at a low price that their customers expect. They do not want money for advertising they just want your best cost. Wal-mart also wants a product that is in high demand or has the potential to make the buyer look really good.

Joey returned from Arkansas with an order that trumped what he made in 2 years working for corporate America. He would have never gotten his product in Wal-mart if he would have listened to all the people that wanted him to give up and stop dreaming. He was successful because he had a great product and he found a really good broker.

I have since helped Joey with his product and we have made millions of dollars selling to Wal-mart. I share some of the critical secrets that some vendors will never tell you that are already selling to Wal-mart. Believe me it is not that hard and you have nothing to lose but a lot to money if you don't try.

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