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Coors Light Beer Rep

How many times have you been to a special event, a football game or hung out at a bar to enjoy your favorite beer?

If you can imagine how much fun you had enjoying your favorite beer, then multiply that by a thousand and that's how much a beer rep has every day.

I've sold beer for Coors Brewing Company and Miller Brewing Company and I could not imagine having a better job.

There are many types of jobs you can have when you work for a beer manufacturer, but one of the best jobs is being a sales rep.

Benefits of Selling Beer

Selling beer for a major beer company is going to be the best job you will ever have.

If you like drinking beer, then what could be better than having a job that gives you free beer to drink any time you want.

You get paid to hire beer girls, go to special events such as football games, concerts, tradeshows and hundreds of different bars.

You also get a lot of cool merchandise such as shirts, neons, snowboards, hats and a bunch of different items.

You can easily make over $40,000 a year selling beer for the brewery or for the beer distributor.

The special perks and health benefits are also unbelievable.

When you work for a beer company, you feel like you are working for a are all one big team going to war against your competition.

Here I am Hanging Out with The Coors Light Twins

Paul Gage with the Coors Light Twins

Types of Beer Jobs

There are multiple ways of working in the beer industry.

You can get a job working directly for the brewery. These are very limited jobs and hard to get. When I worked directly for coors brewing company in 2001, they only had 364 employees in the entire US.

If you can't get a job working directly for the brewery, you can work for the distributor and sell the breweries beer.

If you don't work for the brewery or the distributor, you can still sell beer working for the promotional agency that handles all the beer promotions...these are also really fun jobs.

A great way to get started in the beer business is either by working for a beer distributor or working for a marketing agency that conducts promotions for beer companies.

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Here I Am Standing Next To A Copper Coors Brewery Kettle

Paul Gage Coors Brewery Kettle

Breweries you can work for:

There are literally thousands of breweries and beer distributors that you can work for.

Now with the rise of thousands of new craft breweries, there are even more opportunities for good beer sales reps.

My Coors Brewery Experience

Inside The Miller Brewery

Top 10 Breweries by Volume

1. Anheuser-Busch - St. Louis, MO

2. MillerCoors - Chicago, IL

3. Pabst Brewing - Los Angeles, CA

4. D. G. Yuengling and Son - Pottsville, PA

5. Boston Beer Co. - Boston, MA

6. North American Breweries - Rochester, NY

7. Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. - Chico, CA

8. New Belgium Brewing Co. - Fort Collins, CO

9. Craft Brew Alliance - Portland, OR

10. The Gambrinus Co. - San Antonio, TX

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