Resume Marketing Secrets Guaranteed to Boost Your Job Offers

Are you having a hard time getting employers to call you for an interview? Have you thought maybe the employer has not seen your resume or you do not know how to market yourself correctly?

If you answered yes to either question, then your answer rest in having a resume url.

A Resume URL is the hidden resume marketing secret to getting your resume seen by any employer of your choosing.

A Resume URL is a link to a resume that is in the form of a webpage. In less than 30 seconds, you can upload your current resume and instantly have your resume turned into a web page that is unique to only you.

Imagine being able to email a prospective employer a link to your resume without being blocked by gatekeeper software.

Most Employers including myself are requiring applicants to send link to their resume instead of a word document because they do not contain viruses.

Employers now days are being targeted by ruthless people that are sending them viruses in the form of resume word documents.

A resume url link will eliminate the fear of an employer worrying if your resume contains a virus.

Your Resume is your marketing vehicle that talks about all your skills and qualifications. It is your own personally sales person asking the employer for an interview. You can have the best sales person in the world, but if he is not able to see the employer, then he can not sale you.

Get a resume url and make sure you open the employers door for your salesperson to talk about how you can really help their company.